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Welcome Baby Barron #3

Baby Barron #3 (no name yet) was born at 1:12pm on Monday, weighing 9 pounds even and measuring 21" long. She spent her first night in the NICU - they wanted to monitor a pneumothorax on her right lung (air outside of lung that compresses the lung). She has underwent a very minor procedure to alleviate the pressure it was putting on her lungs, and is breathing and looking fine now. All is good, both mom and daughter:


The Newsroom

Looks like I just found my next favorite television show. This is the first 5 minutes of HBO's "The Newsroom", by Aaron Sorkin. Ho-ly shit; please HBO take my money!

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Happy Father’s Day to Me

My wife and kids made a cute and candy filled card for my Father's day, which is the perfect gift for a sweet tooth like mine:

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Where is Matt? (again!)

Back in 2008 Matt Harding went around the world and danced. It was awesome. And now he's done it again!

I love these two videos; they always make me cry. This world, it's people, are so wonderfully beautiful.

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