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Kids Report: Scientists are People

Kids draw pictures of Fermilab scientists. Pictures were drawn by students before and after visiting the lab, revealing some interesting misconceptions (based mostly on the media) of what it means to be a "scientist". For instance, here is what Jeffrey said before visiting Fermilab:

My scientist would look very smart and intelligent. My scientist would have a pair of glasses and a lab coat. My scientist would also be bald. He would have on blue jeans, a white pair of shoes, and white socks.

And here is what he said after visiting the lab and talking with "real" scientists:

Scientists are normal everyday people. . . . Instead of wearing lab coats, they wear whatever they want and are hardly seen wearing ties at the Fermilab building. The scientists all have computers to work on and all have chalkboards to work out equations.

I can only hope that this kind of experience increases the number of students who enjoy science and who, eventually, will become scientists some day. [via]

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