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What’s That Bug?

I found a sweet bug site where people post pictures of insects and others try to help identify them. It's more interesting than it seems at first - where else can you find an entire section devoted to insects getting it on? Example post:

I found this little guy running around my bathroom ceiling this morning. I have never seen anything like it before. The body was flat and thin and I couldn't tell if the appendages at the front were claws, stingers, or just oddly shaped antennae.

Each post includes a picture which makes for some pretty amazing imagery.

The little green bug in this post is a Stink Bug (or "Shield Bug" if you prefer not to hear giggles). They can be found in large numbers around farming areas and enjoy eating crops such as cotton, tomatoes, beans, any type of fruit, corn, peppers and cabbage.

Stink Bugs earned their name because they have a special defense mechanism: when handled or disturbed they will produce a "sweet and foul" odor from glands in the thorax (is it strange that I suddenly crave sweet and sour chicken?). This smell helps them to avoid being eaten by several species of birds and lizards, and usually embarasses them during gym class or while reading in the library.