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Bush, Drunk at a Wedding

So I came across this little clip of George Bush joking around at a wedding [4mb]. It's from and appears to be during an election, though I would wager that it was probably 1996 or earlier. There doesn't appear to be any security around him, and he appears to say whatever comes to his mind (or maybe that's the liquor talking). I actually like him more as a person after seeing him joke around like this - unfortunately, how much I like him as a person doesn't affect how much I like him as our president.

The clip doesn't really expose anything scandalous or new: George likes booze (DUI when 30 years-old), enjoys relaxing with friends (27%, or close to once every 3 days, Bush has been on vacation), and he is really just a "good ole boy" dressed up in politician's clothing. His general inability to articulate a coherent sentence, much less a meaningful and effective policy, holds these truths to be self-evident. One upside: there are less than 1,000 days left. I just hope the Democrats don't screw it up once they finally get real political power back.