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New Album: Dinner Party

20060320.jpgA group of friends get together to eat some italian and spend some time out in the 'burbs. After chomping on some breadsticks we packed into cars to watch the last 8 minutes of the IU basketball game (we lost) at a local bar.

Then it was back home again to play Triple Nipple (or "Left-Right-Center") - a dice game where you start with 3 dollars and roll 3 dice, passing dollars left or right, losing them to the center pot, or keeping them (when you roll the coveted black dots). After losing all our money to Chris we turned to a fun socializing game. Each couple wrote down answers to interesting questions, then a single couple tried to guess who gave each answer. Popular answers included "pearl necklace", "gaysian", and "two girls kissing and rubbing each other". Good times, good times.

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