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Another Barron In The World

... no, Shannon is not pregnant. My sister is (which is very exciting!), but that's not what I am talking about either. I am talking about Barron William Trump, recently born offspring of the real estate mogul Donald Trump.

First, let me commend Mr. Trump on a fine name choice. It is good to see that his taste in names does not parallel his choice for hair style. While having "Barron" as your given name is unorthodox, we Barrons find it most flattering that others have such a strong desire to join our clan that they name their children after us.

Here's a quick run-down of the Barron name:

  • Generally thought to be derived from the word "Baron", which is a specific title of nobility or a more generic feudal qualification. Barons were wealthy land owners.
  • The first Barron family (that I could find) was in Waterford county (England) where they were granted lands by Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke, for their assistance on his invasion of Ireland.
  • Spelling variations include: Barron, Baron, Barone, Barrone, and others. The Gaelic form is Bar´┐Żn.

There are many types of Barron Families out there, from a wonderfully diverse Barron family to a rather strange Barron family (honestly - check out the "The Barron Mind" page for even more weirdness).

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