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Married to the Sea: A Daily Comic

Dude, check this out. I’m gonna cause a hurricane in Brazil.Today I came across a quirky comic called "Married to the Sea". Run by Natalie Dee it takes old images and adds funny text to it. The picture on the right reads:

Dude, check this out. I'm gonna cause a hurricane in Brazil.

Yeah, seriously! All I have to do is flap my wings. Just say, like, just tell me, "hey, cause a hurricane in Brazil," and I'll just be like, okay, and just flap my wings.

And, bam. Brazil. Just, seriously, just say it, and I'll do it.

Edit: Okay, so I re-read some of the comics tonight: not quite as funny as they seemed when I posted this. In fact, not quite sure I like them at all. Oh well; I found them downright hilarious this morning. I am Jack's fickle humor.

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