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Macaroni & Cheese is My Drug

PostSecret, a site that encourages people to send in their deep dark secrets anonymously on postcards each week, recently had a postcard that rang true to me: Macaroni & Cheese is a drug.

I just love the cheese covered pasta. Kraft Original (in the blue box) is a sure bet for consistency of cheese and taste, but sometimes a Stouffers or store brand can hit the spot just as well. I never eat the microwave varieties as they tend to be rubbery and taste a bit off.

Regular* consumption of this delectable dish satisfies me greatly. Not only does it taste great, but at less than $1/meal (includes proportional cost of butter and milk and assumes bulk buy rate of $0.68 per box) it makes economic sense as well.

By coincidence PostSecret also had a postcard that could have been written by a close friend (but probably wasn't). Don't worry whoever you are, your secret is safe with me.

* generally only when Shannon is out of town, which lately has been often.

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