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Google Calendar Beta Goes Live!

As of 10:00pm (EST) last night Google Calendar Beta has gone live (screenshot)! ZDNet (and later Digg) picked up it's release almost immediately after it entered the wild earlier in the evening.

Geeks have been rumoring about Google's calendar service over the past few months; some of the interesting points that appear to have come true:

  • Slick ajax interface and (so far) very fast load times.
  • You can import iCal or CSV format directly into the calendar.
  • You can recieve cellphone notification of events via SMS. E-mail and/or pop-up windows are also options.
  • Public calendars are available, so you can share your schedule with other people and subscribe to friends/spouses/co-worker's calendars.

So far it doesn't appear to be much better than 30boxes. Of course, all bets are off once they integrate GMail fully and if they continue to add features (as they are known to do, with great success, in the past).

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