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Javascript Sudoku Solver

There are many Sudoku solvers out there. Most have one or more of the following weaknesses:

  • They require you to download and/or install an application
  • They require some plug-in (e.g. Java, Flash)
  • They require you to submit your puzzle to the server (hence the processing is not done in your client and you must be connected)
  • They use a simple brute-force algorithm to find a solution
  • They are not free

Ladies and gentlemen, I can proudly announce that my free Javascript Sudoku Solver (that's for you google) is free of these burdens. It can also slice, dice, and julienne carrots in no time flat! Enjoy.

note: don't worry - I am still busy working on things that need to be done. This was an old post that I had waiting in the wings for a while.

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