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All Good Things…

... must come to an end. We lost our free cable channels tonight. Damn you, cable people, DAMN YOU!

The backstory, for those of you who don't read regularly, is that a little over a month ago we got cable for the first time in literally years. At the time I slipped the installer a twenty dollar bill to "give us the works" even though we were signed up for only basic service (he prompted the deal, as I wouldn't have the testicular fortitude to ask him).

Tonight, during a rather entertaining episode of "House", we lost our cable. Sirens were coincidentally heard about the same time and fearing something big had just hit our cable line I skipped out of the house to investigate. I ran into a cable guy who was bent over our cable box checking out the wires and holding a clipboard. Worried, I asked him "did you just cut the cable to our house?" and he answered "No, you should have cable again shortly." Sated with this response I skipped back into the house and sure enough we were soon back in business. It wasn't until Shannon tried to change the channel to her precious FoodTV that we realized our channel lineup was now back to the basics.

I guess we deserve it - I mean, we were getting something we didn't really pay for (which is a nice way to say we were stealing). But I am surprised if he had been sent out here just to "fix" our cable line, as I do not believe the cable company can detect the presence or absence of the special decoder "tubes" used to enable the higher channels. Anyone care to enlighten me if this is even possible for them to detect from their center offices?