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Kane County Cougars Game

Kane County Cougars group photoHeather, Bob, Shannon and I spent a fun Friday night cheering on the Cougars, a single A baseball team in the area. We were going to stay for the fireworks after the game but the cool spring night turned cold after the sun went down.

God, I love single A baseball. We splurged on the second most expensive seats in the park: $10 to sit a few rows behind home plate (for two bucks more we could have been in the first two rows). The players are there for the game (or at least the dream of a future major league game), the food is great, and the beer is slightly cheaper than Wrigley's. Between each inning there is usually some sort of event involving kids racing around the bases, so it's always entertaining.

I think the night is best summed up by what the four of us ate:

    Kane County Cougars blue tongue

  • 2 cheddar-wurst dogs (mmmm... cheese-filled meat)
  • 2 regular hot dogs
  • 1 "grande" nacho
  • 1 bag of peanuts
  • 2 hot chocolates in collector's mugs
  • 6 draft beers
  • 1 bag of blue cotton candy (hence the picture)

[note: This post has been backdated to correspond with the date of the events described]

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