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Honda On It’s Last Legs?

Honda getting towed awayShannon's beloved 1996 Honda Accord has travelled to some exotic locations in it's life: over the past 140,000+ miles it's been to Alaska, San Francisco, DC, and Chicago. But today it wasn't even able to make it out of our driveway.

Unfortunately we had to disturb a nice AAA tow-truck man on Memorial Day (nicknamed Mr. Man-Boobs because he was a spitting image of Meat Loaf from Fight Club). I felt slightly bad after he mentioned that we were his first call of the day (it was almost after noon). Hopefully we were his only call that day.

We fear the worst for the Honda: I fear that we will need to buy a new car, Shannon fears that I will try to force her to keep driving the old one :). I'm sure it'll all turn out ok in the end.

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[note: This post has been backdated to correspond with the date of the events described]

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