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Accenture Interactive Network at O’Hare

Accenture Interactive Network at O'HareWhile passing through O'Hare (terminal 3 in case you were wondering) Shannon and I noticed a cool interactive display: it's about 10 feet wide and gorgeous. You can drag and drop windows of information around with your fingertips. There is only room for two different streams of information (so you might need to wait in line to use it), but the potential could be huge in public spaces.

The available streams are boring vanilla: news, weather, sports, and entertainment. They need to give me customized news, email, or interactive games before I'll be interested for more than 10 seconds. Pretty much anything would be better than the junk I can already get on a web-enabled cell phone.

I was hoping for an experience like the big interactive screens from Minority Report, but the draw of these screens is far lower than I expected because they don't do anything new or fascinating. Wouldn't it be cooler if we had floors with this tech so I can follow an image of a little scooter to my gate (just like Star Wars!) or ceilings that show me the sky above with circles outlining planes as they fly overhead, leaving colored trails against a blue-white canvas sky?

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