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Funny Ads on ATM & Vending Machines

Funny coffee dispenser advertisementHappy Friday! It's time for something light-hearted; believe it or not, I'm talking about the ad-campaign of a German job search website. The campaign involved a series of clever posters on the side of vending and ATM machines. These posters made it look like there was a person inside doing all the dirty work, with the tag-line "Life is too short for the wrong job."

Don't you wish you saw advertisements like this ATM machine, coffee dispenser, and photo booth on your way to work? 🙂

Thanks for the humor, SomeMixedStuff (an Italian blog).

  • Thanks for sharing information. Although Ads are funny, but advertisement feature is nice of vending machines. With funny Ads, It also gives weather information or other important Ads. When no customer is interacting with the vending machine, It shows the Ads.
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