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Swedish Days

Shannon and HeatherGeneva holds an annual Swedish Days which Shannon, Heather, and I visited late Saturday afternoon. While the festival started as a celebration of the community's Swedish roots it has since grown to become a simple celebration of summer.

There was a carnival (small-handed people who smelled like cabbage), arts & crafts, and many tents that sold a variety of food-on-a-stick. A live band, playing some classic CCR, accompanied us as we strolled around and enjoyed the following food:

  • Steak and cheese sandwich
  • Bratwurst with sauerkraut
  • "Lemonade" (water + half lemon + ice != lemonade)
  • Chocolate gelato & a lemon bar for dessert

Shannon and Heather also befriended some rookie firefighters, who readily gave their helmets to the girls for the sake of cute pictures.

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