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iPod + Toilet = Terrorist?

iPod in a toiletOur common sense is slowly losing the battle with the "war on terror" (which is a completely moronic term - how can we wage a war on a tactic?). Check out this personal account of what happens when some guy accidently drops an iPod down the toilet on a plane and everyone freaks out. A tasty quote:

Now the questions became really pointed. What do you think about 9/11? What are your views on the Iran issue? Do you think government is too big, too powerful? Would you ever "make a point?"

He asked me if I knew how to make a bomb. "I have a degree in physics, and I'm not an idiot." Of course I knew how to make a bomb -- what kind of question is that?? The better question is, WOULD I make a bomb? The answer is no.

All this guy did was lose his iPod down an airplane toilet (after which he informed the flight attendants exactly what happened). What the hell is wrong with these people? It could even be argued that the reaction to this minor incident was itself a minor act of "terror" for all the people involved.

Obvious Alert: life is dangerous. Very little of what is being by the government can help. Get over it.

And another thing: the feverish search by the media for how "terrorists" could possibly hurt us is out of control. There are a million ways to hurt people - listing them out or having experts explain exactly how each can be executed actually HELPS terrorists (I'm talking to you, Fox "News").

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