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My Bamboo Plant Survived

Bamboo is aliveMy bamboo plant is slowly recovering from a botched experiment I performed. This morning I noticed that it has begun to sprout a new stalk out of (what I thought was) a dead limb for the first time in months.

This small bamboo has been with us for several years and until about 6 months ago it wasn't really growing well. We had always kept it in standing water so I decided that since bamboo is a plant it might do better in soil. I reasoned further that, since it had so far been capable of surviving in standing water, the best environment might be half soil/half water. I also thought it might appreciate a bit more sunlight.

Boy, was I wrong with that last assumption.

After just two days in direct sunlight the plant looked bleached and damaged. A week into my "direct sun" experiment and the plant looked like it was on it's last legs. I transplanted it into some moist soil in an indoor pot hoping the nutrients in the soil might help the plant regain lost strength.

Today the plant is in a 95% water and 5% soil mixture; so far this mixture appears to help the plant not only survive but also repair itself and grow a little bit. I am proud to say that my little bamboo plant is finally on the road to recovery.

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