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Network Neutrality Part 1: Barack Obama

Barack Obama, a super manA while back I contacted several elected officials from Illinois to hear their stance on Network Neutrality (see here and here if you don't know what Network Neutrality is and why it's exceptionally important to anyone who wants to keep using the internet). I have heard back from two of them so far and will share their responses in two posts - this is the first, from Senator Barack Obama:

As I would expect, Obama's representative whom I spoke with was able to answer my questions directly over the phone. Senator Obama supports Network Neutrality, which is the "right" thing in my eyes.

I really love Barack Obama and wish all of our representatives could be as honest, intelligent, and in-touch as he appears to be. I subscribe to his podcast and enjoy listening to his thoughtful discussion on current issues. I believe that, at the very least, every nationally elected official should be required to host a short podcast like Barack where they explain simply and exactly WHY they voted they way they did.

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