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Dangerous Cheney-Specter Bill

American flagQuietly, the senate is trying to hold a vote that would retroactively pardon the President for any illegal spying he may have done on the American public. It's called the Cheney-Specter bill, and it is a very dangerous piece of legislature. In addition to writing the President a "blank check" to do whatever the hell he pleases it also infringes on your rights:

It means any lawyer, journalist or other innocent American who has ever been contacted by a person being monitored by U.S. agents could become the target of wiretaps that go on indefinitely, completely unbeknown to any judge or member of Congress.

It gets worse. The Cheney-Specter bill also would require all state and federal cases challenging such wiretapping to be transferred to the FISA court, where proceedings are secret and cases can be dismissed on any grounds.

Sound like a good idea to you? No, it didn't sound good to me either. In fact it sounded down right scary that the Republicans behind this bill, people who declare themselves to be so freedom-loving, would be so cavalier with the freedom of their constituents. Sign the petition to stop this bill.

But you don't have to take my word for it: John F. Kennedy has some interesting things to say about secrecy. But hell, what would he know - it's not he had to deal with America's freedoms being globally threa .... oh wait a minute.