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Fake Boobs Point to Suicidal Tendencies

Saline implantsHaving breast implants doesn't directly affect your chance of committing suicide, but it does indicate that the woman behind the bogus boobs has lower self esteem, lower self-confidence, and higher rates of depression. After studying nearly 25,000 women, scientists found that the incidence of suicide among those with implants was 73% higher than the general population.

This increase is partially reflective of the demographic that has the money and desire to alter their physical appearance:

...the research team [also] analyzed a group of 16,000 women who had undergone plastic surgery procedures other than breast augmentation. As in the breast implant group, the mortality rate was lower (32%) and the suicide rate higher (55%) than in the general population.

What's the moral of the story? Who knows. But here's my advice: if you're a woman, make a real effort to appreciate who you are by not believing what the media tells you what you're supposed to be. And if you're a guy, keep telling your women the truth: you love them just the way they are!

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