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Famous Quotes by Me?

Speech bubbleHave you ever had a phrase appear in your head and thought to yourself: "I wonder if I was the first person to conjure that up?" Well, here are two sayings that came to my mind today:

  • Money and respect have one thing in common: they both must be earned.
  • The moment you think that you are better than someone, you're wrong.

I'm not naive enough to believe I was the first to think or speak such sayings (not by a long shot). I most likely heard them from someone at some point in my life. But, after googling quotes of famous people and not seeing similar quotes, I think I will now make the claim that they are "my" quotes. 🙂

Now all I need to do is get famous. Or infamous. In the meantime, any greeting card companies out there want to give me some royalties?

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