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Pure at Caesars

Paris and Nicky Hilton at Pure nightclubFor our second night of "clubbing" in Vegas we headed over to Pure, a very trendy club at Caesars Palace. Naturally Paris and Nicky were there - this time they were celebrating Nicky's 23rd birthday. We (and by "we" I mean hundreds of other club patrons and our group) sang happy birthday to Nicky, gave her a toast, watched a slideshow of some family pictures, and saw her open her presents (she got a nice diamond-crusted watch from her sister).

After all the birthday formalities Paris got on the mic (with her bunny ears on) and sang her song "Stars are Blind", which is an abysmal testament to all that is bad with pop culture. I must admit that Paris looks rather skeletal in all the photos I have seen, but in person she is quite attractive and seemed fun.

The club has many different rooms, each with their own theme and color scheme, so even if my eyes were blurry I would have at least known where in the club I was. They also have an outside deck upstairs which allowed for a nice open space to breath. There were gobs of beautiful people dancing and everyone seemed to be having the times of their lives, which made for a very fun and exciting evening.