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Local News Stations

Action newsIt doesn't matter if you live in New York City or Humptulips, WA - chances are your local action eyewitness late-breaking chopper doppler news station sucks. Here's proof you're not alone:

  • The obligatory flasher - Classic example of what the local news usually captures: local people doing stupid things just to get on the news.
  • Investigative piece on dangerous "leet" speak - Honestly, can anyone take these people seriously? It's like listening to cave men who are warning us about the dangers of using fire to cook: they only grasp the very basics and thus make the false assumption that everything unfamiliar must also be incredibly dangerous.
  • Snake in a car - Like all bad news stories this sounds excellent, but turns out to be an unconfirmed story with no useful information.
  • British news bloopers - Why can't we be more like the Brits?

At least local news is usually harmless. I can't say the same about Fox "news", which evidently supports racial profiling. Scary, scary stuff.