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New Album: Zionsville Country Market

Libby NapoleonToday was a gorgeous day, and we spent most of it (about 5 hours) wandering around the Zionsville Country Market.

There were the typical booths you might find at any number of country markets: kettle corn, face painters, tie-dyed t-shirts, plants and flowers galore. Oddly enough the market also two Indian pan flute musicians - I almost bought a CD from one of the guys who was playing what can only be described as the "elevator music" version of No Doubt's "Don't Speak." We also discovered a few cool booths showcasing some local talent, like the super cute Lucky Ducky Designs and a couple others.

Libby was in fine form, sleeping for most of the day and enjoying a bottle (of milk) under a big elm tree. Is it just me, or does our daughter look like a little Napoleon or perhaps Washington crossing the Delaware in this picture?

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