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Rocky Maine Coast

img_5645blog.jpgOne of my favorite memories from summers in Maine, both recent and from my childhood, is the rocky coastline that our cottage rests next to. At high tide there are lobster boats fetching their traps in the harbor. At low tide there are a thousand small tidal pools, each teaming with marine life and just begging to be explored.

I remember cool foggy mornings when we hunted for mussels among the damp seaweed piles. Afternoon hours were spent building forts with the warmed rocks of the shoreline, erecting crude flags to mark out our newly claimed territory. At night a cool breeze came in as the harbor bell rang it's mournful tune. It was, and is, simply wonderful.

During recent years, as the family has grown up, kayaking has become our "new" pastime. Tim, my brother-in-law, is quite good and is able to take Sam or Emma with him as he paddles around the harbor. Here is Julie helping to send Tim and Emma off on one of their paddling journeys.

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