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Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins… oh my!

Lauging at some memoriesShannon's aunt Debbie and uncle Peter (and their offspring Kyle and Garrett) are an exceptional group of people. They are quick to laugh and tremendously kind. When I first met them while dating Shannon I felt instantly at ease, falling into the familiar banter usually reserved for long time friends and family. They remind me very strongly of my own family - perhaps it's the fact that both of my parents also grew up on the east coast, so they have similar upbringings.

There are two things that I know will be in abundance when visiting their house: belly aching laughs and really tasty food. This past visit did not disappoint.

One of the highlights was rummaging through old photos that Debbie had. We found a picture of Kyle when he was very young being disciplined by standing in a corner. He's got his back to the camera and his little hand is on his hip, showing a little bit of an attitude. It is hysterical! This post's picture shows the ladies and Garrett going through an old box of pictures and just laughing, laughing, laughing...

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