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Red, Red Wine

Sometimes I do things that are not quite dumb, but definitely not smart.

Yesterday Libby peed on her onesie while I was changing her, so Shannon grabbed a white terrycloth bathrobe from upstairs for her to wear. We shared a few giggles looking at Libby in her "lounging outfit".

Now it just so happens that I was also drinking a glass of red wine (it was my first: this was not a booze-induced blunder). Left to my own devices I decided it would be cute to set up Libby for a picture in her robe. I imagined a suave pose would be cute: like she was wearing a dinner jacket and sipping from a sifter of booze. Very debonair.

This is the first (and only) picture I took with our camera:

It took her all of 0.3 seconds to reach out and turn that glass over. Zero point three seconds is just enough time for me to push the camera button and in the same horrifying moment realize the inevitable set of events my stupidity had set in motion.

I don't think I could have shot a better picture if it had been posed. White robe, red wine just beginning to spill over, Libby's fascination with this new toy, and my frantic hand reaching in vain to stop it all.

It's a damn good thing Shannon has a sense of humor about these things; I am thankful that all the stains have since been washed clean as well. 🙂

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