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Shame on Sherri Shepherd

I fear that Sherri Shephard, a co-host on The View, has once again shown that there is no limit to her own stupidity. My brain nearly exploded after seeing the following clip from yesterday's show:

Did you hear what she said? Shepherd just attempted to assert that Christians existed in classical Greece, and that the Greeks threw them to the lions. When confronted on this point, she further claimed that "Jesus came first" (before Greeks and Romans) and stated "I don't think anything predated Christians".*

This wasn't the first time Sherri has been so ridiculously inane: a few months ago she said that she wasn't sure if the world was flat or not. I'll give you a second to process that one. Sherri isn't sure... if the world... is flat. Holy f*ckbuckets, Batman.

How do people like this exist, much less appear on broadcast television? Never before has this speech from Billy Madison been more relevant.

Sherri is so willfully ignorant it's painful. I would feel sorry for her if she wasn't so damn sure of her own infallibility.

via Huffington Post