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Tagged: Five Random Things

The Number Five (5)I got tagged by Deanna, so here are five random things about me:

  1. My right pinkie finger was broken a few years ago and cannot lay flat.
  2. I think my wife looks great in gowns and dresses, but I find myself very attracted to her when she's in bumming-around clothes.
  3. I daydream about starting up a website and becoming the next Kevin Rose (digg) or Mark Zukerburg (facebook).
  4. I love eating candy more than a grown man should.
  5. I am jealous of people in Britain because they can watch the BBC without paying for cable or downloading from the internet.

I now tag Alison & Matt, Posey & Lawrence, Tiffany & Tim, and my wife to list five (5) random things about themselves.

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