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Beautiful Assassin Bug

Check out this gorgeous photo of an assassin bug!

Assassin bug looking badass next to small purple flower

Assassin bug looking badass next to small purple flower

Assassin bugs are awesome predators. Similar to the giant water bug, all of the nearly 3,000 species of assassin bug have a powerful tubelike rostrum (aka "tube of death", as I fancy it should be called) that is used to pierce prey.

An Assassin bug attacks it's prey quickly and efficiently, gripping the unsuspecting bug with it's sticky forearms and deftly sliding it's rostrum into the victim. Using the strawlike rostrum now inserted deep into it's victim the assassin pumps the bug full of venomous digestive fluid that instantly begins to dissolve tissue and organs. Within seconds the hapless prey is dead and the assassin can slurp back the contents of the bug as if it were a yummy bug-flavored milkshake.

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  • Kiki

    What kind of assassin bug is that? I saw one outside on our pool deck that is the exact same type.

  • Unfortunately I don’t know the exact kind shown in the picture.

  • I found two of these today while looking for our praying mantis…took picture’s and finally found out what they are!  thank you for posting!  

  • Avalon

    I found these little suckers today and I’m pretty sure that they’re these Assassin Bugs. Freaky but pretty cool.