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This is Straight Talk?

Check out this McCain campaign ad:

As of 10:30pm tonight you can still see this ad directly at McCain's site (it's the featured video on the homepage). To the casual observer this video sure makes Obama look like he said some pretty sexist things...

Now view the original video of Obama, this time with the words that came before that 5-second clip:

This is the "straight talking" McCain? This is how he wants to change our politics? How, for the love of all that is holy, did McCain allow such a BALD and DISGUSTING LIE to be released by his campaign?

I can only think of two possible answers:
1) John McCain is willing to distort the truth well beyond even Rove-ian type attacks in order to attack Obama on a personal level. This is an embarrassment to him and his campaign.
2) John McCain does not have control over what his own campaign releases. If he's not even able to control his own party, how the hell is he going to change them (let alone lead a nation)?

Where are the issues? Where is the meat? How do you excuse McCain for this type of bullshit?

Obama had some very good things to say about this whole nonsense: