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Website Error in IE

It has come to my attention that several readers are experiencing an error when visiting this site. The error will only occur when you are using Internet Explorer, and is most likely due to JavaScript in one of my plugins attempting to write to the DOM before it has finished rendering.

If you are tired of seeing this error, or do not wish to wait for me to fix it, then please download and install a REAL browser like Firefox, Opera, or Chrome. From a web developer's perspective, and in my professional opinion, Internet Explorer sucks donkey balls. It's a nightmare to support and a pain to debug. It doesn't conform to most standards and has abysmal JavaScript debugging tools.

So do yourself a favor and take 5 minutes to install a new browser. Your entire web experience will improve (especially if you're using IE6 - Firefox is much faster and more secure).

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  • Vincent J. Krejci

    For someone who claims to be all about freedom and equality, you sure seem content to let your blog enforce a near dictatorship of what browser can be used to view your precious entries. You think your opinions are soooo important we will download your pet browser just to see it. What would your freedom loving buddy Obama say if he knew you were trying to take away freedom of choice of browser. Go back to cuba commie.

    Love Vincent

  • Vincent J. Krejci

    And you can't even read comments anymore because the font is so dark. Way to silence your critics fascist.

  • MU HA HA HA! My plan is almost complete….

  • Fixed the font color – thanks V 🙂

  • The website should be completely fixed in IE now.

  • The website should be completely fixed in IE now.