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Joe the Plumber

Remember Joe the Plumber from last night's debate? He's that guy in Ohio who talked to Obama for 45 minutes about how he was going to be forced to pay higher taxes (39% instead of 36%) under Obama's economic plan because Joe was going to buy the business he works for and would be making more than $250,000.

Turns out that Joe wasn't exactly accurate in his own biography. You see, "Joe the Plumber" is not a licensed plumber. And his claim about having to pay higher taxes? Not true either - even after purchasing the business Joe doesn't even come close to making enough money to see higher taxes under Obama. He would actually pay fewer taxes.

And for Joe, paying less in taxes would be a good thing. Samuel "Joe" Wurzelbacher owes the state of Ohio $1,182 in personal income taxes, according to tax records that show a lien for that amount filed against him in January 2007.

I think Joe should reconsider who he is going to vote for.

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