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Ubuntu 8.10

My work computer hit the infamous BSOD (blue screen of death) and has since not been able to boot and the hard drive appears to be corrupted. Thanks, Microsoft!

So until a new laptop arrives I have been running an Ubuntu live CD on the broken computer. I like Linux and use it daily, but Ubuntu blew me away with it's simplicity and the fact that everything "just works". Every piece of hardware, including the dual core processor and wireless card, worked immediately without any intervention from me. Compare this to Windows 2000 which needed me to modify the existing kernel driver to use the dual core and didn't recognize my wireless card until I installed updated drivers.

Ubuntu's interface is intuitive and pretty (take a tour):

If you want to try this great Windows alternative yourself you can download it for free (Ubuntu is free as in speech). Or just send me an e-mail and (if I like you enough) I will burn you a copy and send it in the mail personally.

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