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New Album: IU Football Tailgate

I just uploaded an album of images taken during a road trip down to Bloomington. A bunch of us gathered on the sacred grounds of Indiana University to eat, drink, and pretend like we were 21 again. Good times:

  • Jeff Dunkel

    You’ve got to be kidding me. I needed a picture of a short bus for an e-mail. I google “short bus picture” and the VERY FIRST link is a blog from 08 by you morons with a picture of a friggin short bus! I love it! Chances of googling short bus and clicking on a link from the class a couple behind yours at your school in your no longer existing fraternity has got to be a million to one. I’m going and buying a lotto ticket now.

    I went back to IU last year for a hoops game, went to Nicks, Yogi’s, Upstairs, & Irish Lion, in an 8 hour visit with a hoops game tucked neatly in the middle. We drove around and saw the bull dozed Pike house. It sucks to see that field. I got a change to hang out with Witkemper while in town. Hope you boys are doing well.. You all look good!


  • This is hilarious on so many levels. I am proud we are in the top results for “short bus” on google – time to check that item off the bucket list.Glad to hear from you; hopefully we can stumble into each other at IU sometime in the future. Think a few of us are going down either the 16th or 30th for a football game/tailgate.

  • How did I randomly come across this site from 4 years ago… I did a google image search for “Indiana Drink Coaster” as I need some coasters for my new place.
    -Phi Phi