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Skepchick Bottom 10

jackassI don't read Skepchick regularly, but they just recently published a "Top" Ten list of the biggest Jackasses of 2008. I agree with most of them.

A sampling:

9. The View
Elizabeth Hasselbeck is famous because she was on a reality show. Combine her idiocy with that of Sherri Shepherd, a fundamentalist Christian “comedian” who last year said she wasn’t sure if the world was flat, and what do you get? “Evolution is false because of designer handbags.” Kill me.

7. Bill Donohue
Bill reached new heights of shrillness this year by helping create one of the stupidest controversies ever: Crackergate. The short story is this: a kid in Florida walks out of Mass holding a Eucharist wafer. Bill Donohue calls it a hate crime. PZ Myers says it’s silly and offers to personally desecrate a wafer to prove it’s no big deal. Bill Donohue freaks the fuck out. Hundreds of insulted Catholics call for PZ’s head, sometimes a little too literally. PZ kept his job and never got his brains beaten in as threatened, Bill got plenty of the attention he desired, the world kept turning, and transubstantiation is still a myth.

3. Jenny McCarthy
Jenny spent her year convincing otherwise logical people that doctors are out to kill their children through vaccines, which is akin to suggesting that CPR was invented by succubi who secretly want to steal your soul through your mouth.

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