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The Perfect Saturday

This past Saturday was one of those days that I just wish lasted forever. I am lucky to be able to say that life is almost always good, but this past Saturday everything fell perfectly into place.

The weather was gorgeous - warm sun with a light breeze. Libby, Shannon, and I all went to eat brunch at the local creamery, then we went outside to look at the cows and enjoy some free ice cream cones. We laid on their grassy hills listening to acoustic guitar, eating ice cream, and laughing.
Libby and me enjoying free ice cream and a gorgeous day

While Libby napped I was able to play two sets of tennis with Mikey V (it was a tie: 2-6, 6-2). Then we all headed over to the Cartwright's house for tasty burgers and great company. The kids were having such a fun time (and us parents were too) that we didn't get home until well after 10pm! Suffice it to say, the little girls and us were just a little bit slap happy by the end of the night: