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Jon Stewart Calls Out Hannity

Stewart mocks Hannity for inflating Bachmann rally attendance, trying to pass 9-12 rally footage off as Bachmann rally footage:

But I guess it's ok - they claim to be "fair" and "balanced", not truthful.

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UPDATE: Hannity responded to the allegation and offered an apology (of sorts). He claims it was an "inadvertent mistake". Yeah, like I accidentally replaced the tape from the real rally with one from months ago that shows many more people. If he's telling the truth then his and his staff's journalism aptitude, organizational skills, and observational abilities are much worse than originally thought. If he's lying then he's an asshat who's trying to deceive instead of report. Now do you understand why people laugh at Fox "News"?

Think this was just a simple isolated mistake? Hannity did this just 1 month ago by splicing in footage of an abandoned hospital in Cuba.