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My Incredible Wife

I thought I loved my wife when we first met; we were careless and free at Indiana University. After we dated and finally married I was sure my love for her had reached it's pinnacle. However the arrival of our first child, Libby, brought a whole new level of love and respect for Shannon. We were a real family; a married couple with a kid. How could I fill my life with more?

And then along came Cooper, and with him a host of new and familiar things to balance and re-balance in our busy lives. Shannon has taken the transition in stride, and I find myself falling head over heels in love with her all over again.

There have been nights when I have tried to do what she does for just a couple hours; I am exhausted at the end. Shannon is an incredible mother, wife, and friend. I am extremely lucky and grateful that she is my partner on this wonderful journey.

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  • Laurielanier

    You two are too cute. And Shannon looks amazing!!

  • How sweet is that? You brought a tear to my eye with how much you love your wife! Congrats again on such a beautiful family.