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Squid Costume

So I had to come up with a costume last-minute for a poker game on Friday (you have to buy in for double if you don't come in costume). Thanks to for the 30-minute squid costume idea:

Libby helped me with the first few steps before she headed up to bed, and that was fun to do a small craft with her. I felt pretty good about the squid too until I saw a couple of my friend's costumes... holy cow!

A very good friend from college and his soon-to-be wife as Red Mist and Hit Girl (from the movie "Kick Ass"):

A former neighbor and all-around nice guy in a gigantic Avatar costume:

Vincent, a former colleague, as Electro (the latest in a long series of comic book/geek costumes):

Man, I gotta up my game for next Halloween!

  • ShockedPoster

    The squid looks like a Klansman