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Looking for a Cat?

Got this e-mail from a long-time friend and thought I would pass it on:

Hi friends,

I am writing to see whether you know anyone who is considering adopting a cat (or two). Many of you know that two cats currently live with me and have done for about four years since we adopted them from a no-kill agency in Utah. They are currently with me in Chicago. However, since I do an extensive amount of traveling they spend a lot of time alone in my apartment with just a sitter to check in on them. While I love seeing them when I'm in Chicago, it would be a much better situation for them if I can find them a better home. They would be great with kids or in any environment with people present more often, for instance with a senior.

They are just over four years old. Lynx is a grey female (spayed) tabby who specializes in lap-sitting and Samson is a black and white male (neutered) who does less lap-sitting, although he still considers it a hobby, but prefers to ask to be petted while walking back and forth. They are good together, but can be separated for a better home situation. They are both very friendly with all people they've encountered. However, Lynx is not a big fan of other animals. Samson would probably be fine with other animals, although it's hard to tell since Lynx is around to egg him on.

I'm happy to bring these little guys to their new home after everyone has met. I'd also be happy to help pay for expenses. I just really want to find them a home with people present more of the time.

Please feel free to forward to any friends who may be interested.

I hope you're doing well. Sincerely,


If you would like to get in touch with Josh please e-mail me: mike @ shannon and mike . net (remove the spaces in my e-mail address before sending).

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