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Maker’s Mark Ambassador

I'm a Maker's Mark Ambassador. I have been for some time now (at least since college), and they send us all sorts of things in the mail - maker's mark drink coasters, maker's mark wrapping paper, maker's mark posters, etc. The whole shebang.

This past Wednesday's visit to Harry's gave me the opportunity to exercise my Ambassadorship and partake of their fine brew. Let's just say that I don't really have the right palate for drinking hard liquor on the rocks:

At least Shannon seems to be enjoying herself 🙂

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Harry’s Pre-Thanksgiving

A rogues gallery of some of the brave souls who ventured out for a pre-Thanksgiving reunion at Harry's (for Vanessa, Jalle, and Jennifer I apologize - I didn't get any good pictures of you two lovely ladies):

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New Album: Ben & Julia’s Wedding Party

We went up to Chicago to celebrate the marriage of Ben and Julia, and it was a BLAST! Good friends, open bar, and a dance floor are always a recipe for good times. You can see the full album here.

Here we are with a bowl of lettuce (don't ask):


New Album: IU Football Tailgate

I just uploaded an album of images taken during a road trip down to Bloomington. A bunch of us gathered on the sacred grounds of Indiana University to eat, drink, and pretend like we were 21 again. Good times:

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Pike House is Gone

Oh sweet Pike house... we hardly knew you...

This was where my fraternity house once stood. They tore it down because we got kicked off campus and the place was a pit. Now it's just an empty lot between two sorority houses, and that makes me feel a little bit sad.

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