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Where is Matt? (again!)

Back in 2008 Matt Harding went around the world and danced. It was awesome. And now he's done it again!

I love these two videos; they always make me cry. This world, it's people, are so wonderfully beautiful.

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Oh hi there! Why yes, you are right - I have not blogged for some time. My sincere apologies.

No, wait. Screw the typical apologies. I'm not really sorry; life is busy, and wonderful, and full. And this blog is just one small piece of life's kick-ass puzzle. There are a few exciting posts on their way... at some time. In the future. But not now.

Now it's time to enjoy this video of Neil deGrasse Tyson talking about "the most astounding fact" that he knows - that we are all made from star-stuff (a meme first made popular by Sagan):


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Rendered Assembly of Lego Millennium Falcon

Assembly of the Lego set 10179 from Star Wars Ultimate collector series in stop motion in 3d. Created using 3ds max and V-ray. A very long work over 3 years, modelling all the pieces by myself. and rendered frame by frame:

Lego Millennium Falcon Stop Motion Assembly 3d from Francisco Prieto on Vimeo.

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“Walking Through Steel” Magic Trick

Oh man, I am definitely NOT the "coolest" Michael Barron on this beautiful planet. Ladies and gentlemen, I present a jaw-dropping rehearsal video of Michael Barron (the magician) doing his thing:

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Blind Spots and Seeing Your Own Eye’s Vascular Network

I actually did the activity near the end of this video (looking through a pin hole of light to see the vascular network inside my own eye). It was incredible and, pun intended, eye opening. Try it - you will be amazed:

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