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The Hat Trick

Back in 2003 we were able to pull off a rare feat; within the course of a couple months we had a baby (Libby), bought a new house, and I started a new job.

I am very happy and proud to say: we have done it again!

The new baby is a girl (yes!) and we are looking forward to having our final child join the family. We moved into our new house (same city) in February and are feeling settled in. Finally, I just started my new position a few weeks ago and am happy where I am.

I apologize to those loyal readers who continued to check this blog for updates over the past few weeks - hopefully, now that most of the dust has settled, you will be seeing a bit more activity here.


Rain Barrel

This past Christmas I received a rain barrel. I finally set it up a few weeks ago and just last week it rained. After only one relatively short downpour our 55 gallon rain barrel was full to the brim!

Here are Libby and I gathering water for the plants on our front porch:

We'll probably buy another one for the other side of the house. I doubt they will pay for themselves anytime soon, but it feels so nice to have a giant barrel of "free" water.


New Furniture

The $5 garage sale television stand that has proudly sat in our family room for almost 3 years has been retired. In it's place is this monstrously beautiful television mansion:
Television cabinet with Libby playing inside
Naturally Libby was compelled to sit inside this new behemoth for about 10 minutes for a closer inspection.

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Porch is Complete

Porch is complete
We're still working on the landscaping, but you can see that Shannon has already set out some fall decorations in the corner. I'm going to be laying down some more mulch tomorrow, then Adirondack chairs in a week or so, and eventually a porch swing. Whoop-dee-doo! 🙂

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Porch Almost Finished

The porch continues it's march toward completion...

Tuesday - The frame goes up:

Thursday - The roof is (mostly) completed:

Friday - Gutters are added, electrical boxes are positioned in ceiling:

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