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Happy Father’s Day to Me

My wife and kids made a cute and candy filled card for my Father's day, which is the perfect gift for a sweet tooth like mine:

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The Hat Trick

Back in 2003 we were able to pull off a rare feat; within the course of a couple months we had a baby (Libby), bought a new house, and I started a new job.

I am very happy and proud to say: we have done it again!

The new baby is a girl (yes!) and we are looking forward to having our final child join the family. We moved into our new house (same city) in February and are feeling settled in. Finally, I just started my new position a few weeks ago and am happy where I am.

I apologize to those loyal readers who continued to check this blog for updates over the past few weeks - hopefully, now that most of the dust has settled, you will be seeing a bit more activity here.


Fan Fort!

One of my favorite indoor activity with Libby is building forts. We have made pillow forts, blanket forts, and laundry basket forts. But I think we really outdid ourselves when we made this "fan fort":

To construct this fort we cut open 5 large trash bags and taped them into an approximate teepee shape (original plan was a large tube, but we ran out of tape so we improvised). After attaching a small fan and checking for leaks we inserted a table lamp (and loads of toys) to brighten the space up.

This fort is a perfect little hideaway. Despite being a small dark plastic cave, the fan fort is very soothing. The constant whir of the fan drowns the world outside, and it's the perfect place to read books or pretend with a friend.

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Ride for Will

Libby rode in a charity bike event this summer in support of one of their friends who has juvenile diabetes. The first lap of the "race" was lead by a fire truck and police car with their horns wailing and their lights flashing... very exciting!

Libby did great - she rode for several laps and did a great job keeping up (and even passing) some older kids that were there.

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Encounter with a Wheel Bug

Alternate title: "How to unknowingly expose your kids to a potentially dangerous bug and live to tell the tale."

This past weekend we went to pumpkin fest - it was a gorgeous, perfect day to spend sliding down a hay slide and playing in some corn pits. Near the end of the afternoon we came upon a large bug which the kids loved to (carefully) play with and investigate:

We did not know at the time, but that bug was a Wheel Bug (Arilus cristatus):

The [wheel] bug plunges its beak into its victim, pinning its prey with its front legs. It then injects enzymes into the victim, paralyzing it and dissolving its insides, and proceeds to drain all of the victim's bodily fluids. The bite of a wheel bug is painful and may take months to heal (sometimes leaving a small scar), so caution is highly advised when handling them.

Yikes! Guess we won't be handling these bugs in the future (at least not with kids :)).

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