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Perfect Girls Day

I currently have six girls (most from our neighborhood) playing a constantly evolving game of "Barbie" in our house. At times they are pretending to be at the beach, other times it sounds like they are negotiating a delicate middle east peace treaty (you and Libby can share this horse, until Madeline is done with her boots, then she can give them to Grace):

I am greatly enjoying the whole experience - makes me feel like the dad in "Cheaper by the Dozen". Wish we could support a nice half dozen kids of our own (if only they come out talking, sleeping through the night, and potty trained :).

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Annual Halloween Picture

Our neighborhood takes an annual picture from the back of a truck each year. Here is this years pic:

(previous years: 2009, 2008, 2007)


We Have Great Neighbors

This is what greeted us when we arrived home from the hospital yesterday:

Kids in our 'hood drew a picture or wrote something fun on the sign to celebrate Cooper coming home. It was really cute. We have great neighbors - thanks everyone!

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Good St. Patrick’s Day

It was a good St. Patrick's Day. I went over to Mikey's house to play Guitar Hero, drink Guinness, and eventually end up at the bar down the street eating chicken nachos (Shannon and Libby were out of town). Cheers!


Annual Halloween Picture

Here is the annual Halloween picture our neighborhood kids take each year:
Annual Halloween pictures of the neighborhood kids
(here are the pictures from 2008 and 2007, if you're curious).