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QI: American Prison Population

I love watching QI (a British game/quiz/infotainment show):

Viewing our current penal system from an outside perspective is healthy, and their reactions during the three strikes discussion is both entertaining and enlightening.

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Climbing Towers

If you are afraid of heights, do NOT watch this video. I am not really afraid of heights and even I yelped a bit during the free climb up this gigantic transmission tower:

I kept saying to myself "Put the safety harness on the tower, put the safety harness on the tower ...!"

(via k-wray)

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The Drug War

A warning: this video is a bit hard to watch. However, I believe it's important to watch and understand the consequences of our current "drug war". Aggressive tactics against nonviolent offenders just doesn't make sense in my mind.

The video shows a search warrant served by the Columbia, Missouri police department. The cops bust into some guy's house in the middle of the night and shoot his two dogs (one a pit bull that was caged in the kitchen, the other a Corgi) with children in the home. It turns out that rather than a big time drug dealer, this guy had a small pipe with some resin in it, a grinder, and what the cops called "a small amount of marijuana" (meaning less than a few grams):


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Arizona Crayons

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Fox News Ignoring Reality… Again

I don't understand how people watch Fox news and think they are getting unbiased information. Hannity and Gingrich are lying; there is simply no other word for it. It's malicious and wrong.