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Fourth Grade Girl’s First Ski Jump

The emotion in her voice is incredible, especially the internal back and forth that she feels when hesitating and feeling the full weight of fear.

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Go Hoosiers!

Dressed up and ready to go before this past weekend's IU vs. Purdue game:

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Watching the Game in Laundry Baskets

Pillow-lined laundry baskets make perfect seats for little kids (Libby's legs were sticking out the end, but she looked comfortable enough). Here they are watching the Patriots beat the Ravens:

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East Coast Trip: Golfing

We had our annual early morning Maine golf day (2010, 2009). It was foggy and fun:

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1987 Aerobic Championship

The 1987 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship aired on April 24th, 1987. Hosted by Alan Thicke, it is perhaps the cheesiest 80's national aerobic championship I have ever seen (click to play):

*Video:1987 aerobic championship

I love the commercials too!

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