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Fox News Ignoring Reality… Again

I don't understand how people watch Fox news and think they are getting unbiased information. Hannity and Gingrich are lying; there is simply no other word for it. It's malicious and wrong.


Glenn Beck Gets Served on Climate Change

As a follow up to yesterday's post, here is MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan explaining evaporation to Glenn Beck:


Why People Laugh at Deniers

Good Rachel Maddow video explaining why people who say "It's a big blizzard, thus global climate change is not true" are laughed at.

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Colbert on Palin

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“Crazy Expensive” Comedy Bits by Conan

God, I love Conan. Evil Genius? Comedy Genius? Boy Genius? Yes.

On Wednesday night, O'Brien decided to hit the network where it hurts the most -- its wallet -- by rolling out a "crazy-expensive" comedy bit in the form a "Bugatti Veyron mouse."